the delicious bond


Free-range and organic humour at it’s finest. You might THINK you know it all...but will teach even the most die-hard of foodies some new things.
— Sarah Lang, Publisher, Lost Magazine 2017-2019

What do mother’s milk, meteorites, Japanese broth, traditional cooking and aged cheese have in common?

Imagine a live podcast you gather around to be taken deep into a mysterious world. A place where men cross the globe to eat the food their grandmother cooks. A world where meteorites collide with aged cheese and old wine. Where jamon and sherry nestle alongside dashi and sake, where brie and cider are soulmates and where mother’s milk sets the agenda that brings us back to the family table.

This is a story of the taste of deliciousness, why it is elemental to our existence and why it binds us together as humans.

Join us as we explore the Delicious Bond: you will be amazed how far the bond stretches!

A great event for wineries, food stores, cooking schools and festivals. You add the food and wine to make it a brilliant event.