This is history told with great erudition, wit and humour....
and superb oysters and champagne!
— Liz Waters - Apollo Bay Seafood Festival

Please, take a seat. Have some oysters. Can we pour you a glass of champagne? Now, do we have we a story to tell.

This is a spellbinding and rather beautiful story told by Max Allen and Richard Cornish, suitable for food festivals, wine festivals, wineries, book stores and other cultural activitities.

In an intimate room of your choice, Max and Richard pour champagne and embark on an epic tale of how the great natural oyster beds of South East Australia were consumed by hungry miners and greedy developers in what we now know as one of the greatest ecological disasters of settlement.

You hear why Australia became the second largest consumer of champagne in the world. You learn about the link between the Gold Rush and Chinese fishermen harvesting the southern waterways. You learn of the ancient history of native oysters in southern Australia. You also get to eat them. Some of the best in the world.

We have sponsorship from Wapengo Rocks Organic Oysters from Southern New South Wales to serve with fine champagne alongside wines of your choice. The session ends with uplifting stories about how modern oyster farmers are cleaning up the waterways and leaving them in even better shape.