I am interested in BOOKING one of the shows - how do i go about it?

Let’s start talking. As they say these days ‘there are many ways to skin a rice pudding’. We can talk to you about the size of the venue, the number of guests, how much food and wine you’d like involved and we can check work together to put on a really good food and wine experience. To start the conversation, click here.

Our festival is in regional QLD. Do you guys travel?

We love nothing more than getting on a Rex SAAB turbo prop plane and seeing this wide brown land from above. While travel arrangements need to be met by the host we’re not precious travellers and don’t expect 5 star. (As long as the sheets are clean, there’s running water and the beer’s cold).

Would you consider an international appearance?

Does Heston Blumethal wear big black spectacles? The answer is yes.

is there a minimum attendance required for gigs?

As long as it works for all parties concerned we’re happy to be your private dancers - or arena spectacle headliners. Smaller groups, a classroom size for example, can work really well without amplification. Masterquiz works best with a room of teams of 2-6 people and is great with 150 pax and a full AV system. Born to Taste works well in a venue where people can get their hands dirty - a demonstration kitchen or lecture hall. And Oysters and Champagne works well in a restaurant or library. We’re very flexible and accommodating.