A Masterclass in flavour that proves you evolved to enjoy eating and drinking

It will change the way you see the world of food
— William Angliss Institute

Why do some people love dark chocolate while other people hate it? Why are 13% of people turned off by the flavour of coriander?

Max Allen and Richard Cornish have done the research and the results are amazing! In this hands-on, interactive masterclass you get to taste your way through the evolutionary processes that lead you to have the most remarkable chemical testing devices in the world - your nose and your tongue. Together they have protected you and your forebears from famine, poison, malnutrition and, over the millennia, have helped develop the culture of fine food and fine wine.

This remarkable journey into taste, smell and flavour can take place in a venue of your choice and can be presented as a sit-down meal format or in more of a masterclass style environment. Suitable for lecture halls, test kitchens, restaurants or the office.

It’s fun. It’s very interactive. All the tasting samples and props are supplied. At the end, you and your participants will never see the world of flavour the same way again.